July 13, 2017

10 Action Points To Reduce Google CPL/CPA By 30%

Most of the Brands & Advertisers are spending min 30% more Google CPA / CPL, hence their profit margins are much lower. Here are the 10 Action Points to improve profit margin.

  1. Set right expectations from Google, not every time they will drive final sales. Sometimes they play a role of “mid-fielder of football” & create opportunities for other players to score a goal.
  2. Estimate the potential of Google & Facebook by using tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Facebook Audience smartly.
  3. Give proper product knowledge to operations team who do keyword research, writing ads & bidding. In most of the cases those executives do not have enough product knowledge, hence they can not optimise sharply.
  4. Improve Quality Score of most performing keywords & maintain it above 7 to reduce CPC/CPL/CPA. In Google Adwords when Quality Score is improved, CPC goes down.
  5. Make sure website & landing pages open in 3-4 seconds on Desktops & Mobiles in all major browsers.
  6. For 1 Ad group, launch at least 2-3 text ads relevant to keywords.
  7. Analyse Google Analytics & Google Adwords reports to find more optimisation opportunities ( min 70-80 reports in different combinations )
  8. Set website benchmarks ( bounce rate, time spent, engagement, pages/session, returning visitors etc ) & keep optimising till benchmarks are achieved.
  9. In most of the cases, returning visitors give better outputs. hence execute remarketing campaigns sharply with specific communication.
  10. Analyse the previous consumer behaviour to predict their actions in future to get better ROI.

Above recommendations look basic & simple but most of the Advertisers are following this “basic” steps and hence they are paying 30% more. We are specialists in reducing CPL/CPA & we charge the incentive from the money we save.

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