August 19, 2016

25 Questions for candidates applying for Digital Marketing Head Position

Most of the brands / clients / advertisers are spending min 30% extra than they should be. In India Digital Marketing is 5-6 yrs behind the Global Market. One of the reason for it is that Digital Heads do not have enough campaign management, operations execution experience. So while hiring them, you must ask these below mentioned questions to get a sense about their Digital Marketing capabilities. Only experience & potential candidates can give smart answers to these below mentioned questions. There are very few eligible candidates who can lead Smart Digital Strategy to get best ROI in 30% lesser cost.


We will provide recruitment consultancy services to short list & finalise potential candidate for Digital Marketing Head position.

Q1. How many campaigns have you managed / executed yourself ?

Please do share some case studies, real achievements ( revenue, margin growth etc )

Q2. If you are confident about your skills & performance, are you open to work “ Get paid as per performance” basis?

If your performance is not good, you will get paid lesser.

Smart, Experienced & self-confident Digital Marketing professional would accept this challenge without any hesitation.

Q3. How are you going to estimate the realistic potential of each Digital marketing platform ? How many estimates have you done so far ?

please show us one sample estimate you have done so far.

Q4. What would be your smart strategy for Organic Growth to save marketing cost by 20-30%, what would be your targets ( in percentage ) for getting traffic / leads / sales from organic/SEO ?

Q5. Do you have in-depth understanding of Web analytics /Google Analytics concepts ? How would you design ROI driven Integrated Digital Marketing strategy utilising various reports ?

Q6. Which specific reports would you analyse in depth before taking key decisions ?

Q7. What are the top 5 reasons behind most of clients/advertisers spending 30% extra than they should be?

Q8. What are the limitations of major Digital Marketing platforms ? And how would you counter them to get best possible ROI from it ?

Q9. Can you train your team to execute campaigns more efficiently to reduce overall operations & execution cost by 40-50% ?

Q10. How many tours/picnics you have attended & gifts accepted which were sponsored by publishers ?

Q11. What are the general Industry rates for CPM, CPC, CPL, CPS, CPV for Display Buying, Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube , E mailers etc ?

Q12. Are you aware about Multi Channel Funnel ?


Rest questions I will tell you when we will meet in person.