September 23, 2016

Don’t get fooled & Ask 12 questions to Digital Marketing Institutes to get maximum value for money.

Don’t be exploited! Ask 12 questions to Digital Marketing Institutes to retain maximum value for your money.

Don’t take admission until you get satisfactory answers for the following questions.

Q1) Who are the trainers who will take most of the classes?

Several institutes display the names & pictures of well-known trainers while taking admissions but upon joining, one realises that very junior & inexperienced trainers come to class to take sessions.

Q2) How experienced are the trainers? Which brands have they worked with?

         In Digital Marketing, your learning is entirely dependent on the Trainer’s experience and on the brand they have worked with. Trainers should have minimum 5-6 years of experience in executing & managing various campaigns.

Q3) Have the Trainers executed any campaigns from A to Z?

70% Trainers never executed A TO Z campaigns and they do not know the practical part of the campaign management.

Q4) What is the largest budget campaign Trainers have managed/executed?

Q5) Will the students be included in hands on campaign management

         After the knowledge and experience of your trainer, this is the most important factor for choosing the Digital Marketing Course. Most of the Institutes do not give live campaign execution experience to trainees, they just teach theory.

Currently, Digital Marketing industry requires professionals who can execute campaigns.


Q6) What is the exact syllabus?

Q7) Will you teach us to estimate the potential of each platform/medium?

Only experienced professionals know how to estimate the potential.

Q8) What would I achieve after finishing your course?

Q9) Will I get a decent job after finishing the course?

Q10) Will you help/assist me to find a decent job in the Digital Marketing Industry?

Q11) What is the value of your certification?

Q12) Can I see testimonials of your previous batch students and alumni?

Digital Marketing Industry is uniquely special in its’ own way. Most of the other industries require 6-7 years to qualify someone as an “EXPERT”, however, in the Digital Marketing Industry, even after 6-7 months, experienced professionals call themselves, “EXPERTS” and the most interesting part is that several of them have even started teaching Digital Marketing!

Based on their answers (golies), you will gain an idea about the institute.

Be smart and take smarter decisions.