Benefits of Enrolling Into A Digital Marketing Course

Benefits of Digital Marketing

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Businesses these days are to a great extent dependent on digital marketing to generate ROI. They are, therefore, increasingly dependent on skilled digital marketing companies to handle their campaigns. As business owners often fail to devote the required amount of time to handle their campaigns, they often outsource the same to digital marketing firms. Therefore, there is a great demand for digital marketing professionals. Here, we shall discuss some of the major benefits of enrolling into a digital marketing program:-

High Demand for Digital Marketing Professionals

According to industry-based experts, around 1, 50,000 jobs are likely to be created in the digital marketing industry by 2020. However, there is still a dearth of skilled digital marketing professionals. This provides youngsters undergoing digital marketing course with an upper hand over others. By undergoing such a course, you can join an industry where demand is greater than supply.

There are many industries in which there are periods of job scarcity. That’s not the case with digital marketing. Therefore, it is wise to gain a new set of skills which will provide a perfect stepping stone to your career. You will have a higher job security and your career will progress on the right track.

The most important thing which you should keep in mind is the fact that companies are going to valuable your skills. As per a report of Mondo, the demand for digital marketing professionals is going to rise by 38% in 2017. Therefore, it is the ideal time for you to join the industry.

Earn More as Compared to Your Peers

As we have discussed earlier, there is a greater demand than supply of skilled professionals in digital marketing. From the economic perspective, therefore, the remuneration of such professionals is therefore quite high. When you are joining an industry in which there is short of skills, you can negotiate your salary in favourable terms.

In 2014, a survey conducted by Prosperity confirmed that salaries in digital marketing rose faster as compared to the last five years. And this surge in salaries is not just at the managerial level. There has been a considerable increase in salary at entry level PPC positions also.

The 2014 Marketing Survey conducted by The Marketing Institute and Alternatives also showed findings which affirm this view. 50% of the respondents got a salary hike that year, two-third of them received bonuses and 61% confirmed that their companies are hiring once more.

Use Your Knowledge to Boost New Startups in IT Sector

New startups in the IT industry are dependent on professionals who can devise a workable digital marketing strategy for them. Therefore, if you undergo such a course, your skills will be in high demand for entrepreneurs who are starting their own IT firms. Learning these new skill sets will provide a big boost to your confidence. By acquiring a certificate, you can increase your chances of gaining employment with a leading organization.