June 17, 2016

Clients are spending 30% more CPA/CPL on Digital Marketing than required to get X ROI

More than 75% clients are spending about 25-30% more CPL/CPA on Digital Marketing than they should. They can obtain similar ROI with a smaller budget after optimization.

There are very high chances that you are also among them, and we can prove our point within 45 minutes in our meeting.

Here are a few questions for you, if you don’t have answers, then we can definitely add value and save your money as your Digital Marketing Consultant:

  • Do you have industry benchmarks to compare your campaign performance? (Not the benchmarks which your Digital Marketing Agency gave you, benchmarks you gained from a neutral third party)
  • Do you know exactly how those Digital Agencies “estimate” numbers?
  • Do you ask those “25 smart questions” to your agency during the campaign and post campaign?
  • How many hours of work are ideally required for your campaigns?
  • Do you know how to confirm if your agency is doing a better job or not?
  • Are you paying more or less to the agency? How did you estimate that?
  • Are you sure that your current agency/agencies is/are completely transparent with you?

So, do you have 100% confident answers for all above questions? (In case you don’t, you can find our contact details below…)

Here are top reasons because of which clients are wasting 30-35% money.

  • Many Marketing Professionals do not understand how exactly Digital Marketing Works.
  • Many of the clients do not have industry benchmarks collected from third-party (neutral) sources to crosscheck their own performance. We help clients to collect them from neutral sources.
  • Most of the clients are not trained and do not know the tricks to estimate budgets, clicks, impressions, bounce rate, leads, CPL, CPS and many other benchmarks.
  • Clients are not asking agencies those 25 smart questions to figure out the true campaign impact.
  • Most Digital Marketing Strategies are not based on Web analytics, Multi-channel funnel and IMC.
  • Digital Marketing Agency model is not 100% transparent.
  • Websites/Landing Pages used for campaigns are not optimised and not smartly designed keeping Google Algorithm in mind.
  • Many Marketing Teams are not giving smart and feasible briefs to get the best out of the campaign.
  • Selecting Digital Marketing Agency criteria is not smart and apt.
  • Lack of smart Digital Marketing professionals in the industry.
  • Fixed payment method: we believe that agencies must be paid as per their performance to give clients the best results. However, that is not the case as most Digital Marketing Agencies have rather stringent payment policies.

Many “Big” Agencies’ Business Mantra –

When You See Client => Chuna Lagao => Paise Banao

You need someone who has hands-on experience in executing Digital Marketing campaigns from Step 1 till the final step.

We have worked with agencies for more than 20 years. We start our consultancy with giving in-depth knowledge and training to our clients. After working for 3 months with us, we can guarantee that agencies cannot fool you. There is NO HARM in meeting us once.

If “ANYONE” has objections on our articles/content/statements/opinions, we are challenging them to have a “constructive” discussion in front of the clients.