June 21, 2017

Digital “Marketers” ( Not Digital Marketing ) killing Advertising !

I grew up watching iconic TV ads of Bajaj, Raymond, Fevicol, Amul, Rasana, Complan, Onida TV, Pan Parag, Nirma and the list goes on. I thought it would be fun to be in Advertising, so I joined Digital Advertising.

Digital Marketing is growing faster in India at 40-45% and it will undoubtedly be amongst main-stream media in the next 3-4 years. Google and Facebook have more reach than the No. 1 TV Channel and English Daily. At the same time, Advertising and Digital Marketing Lovers like me are worried about the future of Digital Marketing.

There were some good attempts and innovations (20-25%) in Digital Marketing but overall Digital Marketing is becoming a static banner as annoying emails flood your inbox with boring promotions. Digital Marketing platforms are offering rather innovative and intent-based solutions.

Digital Marketers must improve in the areas mentioned below:

  • Market Research
  • Consumer Insights and Survey  (There were special departments for market research and consumer survey. Nowadays I don’t see them in many agencies anymore. Most of the Digital Marketing strategies are formulated without market research and consumer surveys, hence they are not very impactful.)
  • Marketing and Advertising Basics – Most of Digital Marketers are from Non-Advertising Background (Engineering, Bsc, Bcom, etc.), so their Marketing and Advertising basics like AIDA, Product Buying Cycle, Product Positioning etc are not clear.
  • Understanding Target Group and Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Intent, Consumer’s Emotions based creative writing
  • Graphical representation of Ideas

I am requesting Advertising Masters and Gurus from TV/Print/Outdoor Media to guide young(er) Digital Marketers to take Digital Marketing on the right path.