February 13, 2016

Digital Marketing

We design digital marketing strategies which our clients can implement with their available resources and which would improve our client’s revenue and ROI.

The best part is we charge as per our performance.

Following steps are involved in making a smart and effective Digital Strategy:

  • estimating the realist opportunity from various digital marketing platforms (how many leads, sales, and revenue are possible from Digital Marketing);
  • checking what resources and infrastructure are really available to run a digital marketing campaign;
  • developing the engaging content and digital properties (landing pages, websites, etc.) to interact with customers;
  • allocating the smart budget share to each digital platform based on integrated marketing strategy and multi-channel funnel;
  • developing and implementing an efficient data tracking system; and
  • analysing the data after campaign goes live and doing sharp optimisation as the campaigns continues.

Now, most of clients are not estimating the business opportunity from Digital Marketing, but they don’t know what infrastructure, resources and digital properties are required to run an effective digital marketing campaign. Most importantly, most of the clients are not estimating the budget requirement correctly; hence, they are spending 30-40% more budgets than required.

We work very closely with our clients to design customised Digital Strategies as per their business requirement and resources availability.

We will reduce your Digital Marketing Cost by minimum 30% and will improve overall revenue by minimum 100%.


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