June 17, 2016

Do Ask these 10 questions ( sawal ) to Search Marketers

Ask these 10 questions (sawal) to search marketers to test their knowledge, smartness and commitment for your campaign before hiring them

Please ask the same questions to us (Power Image 3.0 Consultant) as well to compare before hiring our Paid Search Marketing Services.

  • What are the limitations of Search Engine Marketing/Google Adwords Platform?
  • When is Paid Search Marketing recommended and when it is not?
  • How to estimate the smart budget for Paid Search Marketing?
  • Who all are going to work on our account and what is their overall experience? What is the size of your entire team?
  • How much time are you going spend on our campaigns to optimise them?
  • Are you comfortable in sharing the change history report with us?
  • How are you going to increase the overall impact/ROI using Paid Search Marketing smartly?
  • What is your process to create the overall Paid Marketing Strategy?
  • Are you going to teach us how exactly Paid Search Marketing works?
  • Will you charge us less if your performance is not up to the mark?


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