June 17, 2016

Do you need a Digital Marketing Agency ?

Do you need a Digital Marketing Agency?

  • Digital Marketing Agencies add value in Digital Strategy with their experience. However, only some do so, without exploiting their clients. We are one of them, as we offer a Pay By Performance Model.
  • We advice you to not judge an agency on the basis of its’ overall experience. Instead focus on the experience of the team who is going to work on your campaign.

There are merely a handful of professionals in Digital Marketing who have planning and execution experience. So, meet and spend time with the actual planning and execution team, and ask them few smart questions before selecting the agency.

– Due to a lack of effective experience and training, various Digital Agencies/professionals are following and implementing inefficient and ineffective strategies. Thus, clients end up bereft of any fruitful strategies to put into action and their budget is ripped off.

  • “Big” Digital Marketing Agencies get better deals and rates

–  In Case of Google and Facebook, as rates are decided by the auction model, big Agencies cannot add any value in rates.

  • “Big” Agencies give longer credit period to pay

– Now, third-party vendors also give direct credit.

4) Agency supports smart and efficient execution

  • Most of the Digital Marketing Agencies are facing resource crunch.
  • One resource is handling so many accounts; hence, clients are not witnessing efficiency at its’ peak (or at all).


  • Learn Digital Marketing (no alternative for this).
  • Start developing your own in-house team for better efficiency and performance.
  • Start asking smart questions to your agencies.

4) As a professional, if you want to grow faster in Digital Marketing, then you must learn it and know it on your fingertips.