June 21, 2017

Not Every Digital platform is Messi but yet they are required for effective Digital Marketing integration to improve ROI !

Let me try to explain the scenario in Digital Marketing with the help of a simple Football example.

Almost everyone knows who Lionel Messi is, especially since he kicks many winning shots, but

  • How many people know the players who are passing the ball to him smartly which he converts into Goals?
  • Also, if there are 11 Messi style players in a team, will that team win?
  • Is it logically right to evaluate one of the defenders based on how many goals he scored?

In Digital Marketing, Most of the Advertisers are expecting every Digital Platform to be Messi and every platform is being evaluated by the number of Direct Sales/Conversions/Goals. Hence, overall Digital Marketing platform performance is below their actual potential.

There are similarities in Digital Marketing and Football Strategies. In both cases, opportunities must be created for scoring goals. Every player/platform must have a different role and KRA and they all have to work together to score more goals as per the ground situation.

There are various tools to understand the most effective funnel to optimise the campaigns. One of them is Google Analytics’s Multi-Channel Funnel.

Sample Multi-Channel Funnel which shows the teamwork between various Digital platforms.