February 16, 2016


Paid Search Marketing/Pay Per Click (PPC):

Most Clients/Advertisers spend minimum 30% more than required to gain certain ROI. We will charge according to targets achieved, marketing cost saved and Search/PPC/Sem. For example, if a client is spending Rs. 10 Lakhs (Rs. 10,00,000), we will attain similar ROI with cost- Rs. 7-9 Lakhs, thus saving 20-30%. Then we will charge based on targets/ROI achieved and budget saved.

 PPC/SEM/Paid Search Services Provided 

  1. Google Adwords/Bing Campaign- A-to-Z Planning, Execution & Management.
  2. PPC/SEM/Paid Search Marketing Consultancy.
  3. PPC/SEM/Paid Search Marketing Campaign Audit.

How do we improve ROI & Save Costs?

  • In-depth report analysis of Google Adwords & Google Analytics (more than 150 reports in various stats/data combinations).
  • Identify the areas for optimization.
  • And most importantly, we do regular micro level executions 400-500% more, on regular basis compared to industry standards to save costs.
  • We improve communication to refine engagement in Ads and in Web property.

We are making confident claims based on our experience & our achievements.

Our Achievements in the past year:

  1. Saved more than 35 lakhs in 1 year for our client ITM.edu
  2. Helped Turtlemint.com to save more than 1.5 lakhs in just 1 month with our optimization consultancy.

As very few Digital Marketing professionals understand and execute Paid Search Campaigns, it is very easy to misguide and fool clients. Hence, we are offering 3 hours SEM (Paid Search/PPC) workshop for you to understand how paid search marketing (PPC) works and how the exploiters misguide clients.

Check the list of 70+ brands we have worked for as Digital Marketing Professionals in last 12 years (including work with other Agencies in past but Experience does count).


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