March 16, 2017

Revenue/Sales Consultancy

Nowadays, the media is buzzing with negative news about numerous start-ups (around 75%+) being shut down abruptly due to their struggle to increase revenue and sales or improve overall margins and the Cost per Acquisition of new customers is increasing by 30-40% YoY.

Reasons why most established brands and start-ups pay more for customer acquisition:

  1. Inability to attain organic growth in sales in phase 2 and 3 (i.e. post 6 months)
  2. Intense competition leading to poor customer retention and satisfaction.

Therefore, to support start-ups, we offer Revenue and Sales Consultancy on a meagre fixed amount followed by a performance based payment model. We reactivate dormant customers through smart digital marketing to ameliorate revenue and sales and to decrease overall costs of customer acquisition.

Our Approach-

  1. We closely examine and analyse our client’s current processes to be able to correctly pinpoint any negative factors. We spend a sufficient amount of time observing and implementing this.
  2. We smartly analyse the current inactive customer database, and the reason(s) for being so, their overall needs, their purchasing habits and patterns, et cetera.
  3. We execute clever digital marketing to engage with customers to extract higher revenue/sales from them.

The process may appear rather simplistic & basic but we know how to make it effective.