February 16, 2016



SEO / Organic Growth

Smart SEO Strategy will reduce your Digital Marketing Cost by 30-40% and improve revenue by 200-300%.

 We are taking SEO/Search Engine Optimization to the next level, Apart from ranking & traffic, we are setting additional targets like getting leads/sales, maintaining decent bounce rate, page engagement, time spent, goal conversion rate etc for us to perform better. We charge less if we are not satisfied with our own performance.

Organic Growth is the smart & cost effective future of the Digital Marketing and Smart Marketers should start focusing on it from now.

Mis-understings about SEO

  • SEO gives slow results.
  • SEO is very complicated

Facts About SEO

  • SEO can give quick results provided we implement smart SEO strategy
  • SEO/Organic cost per conversion is 5 to 6 times lower than Paid Search Marketing

Ask 20 smart questions to every SEO/Search Engine Optimization Solution providers to check their expertise, confidence.

  • Which pages will rank ?

Generally SEO agencies promise ranking but mostly FAQ & Blog links get ranked from where

  • Are you going to optimise SEO Strategy ?
  • On which keywords, are you going to focus ?

( High search volume keywords strategy is not always smart strategy )

To know rest of the questions, attend our free 3 hrs SEO workshop to see our case studies, to understand

We are charging our clients lesser if we are not satisfied with our own performance. We work for self satisfaction.


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