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Lead Nurturing Consultancy

Sales and Marketing are two closely-related business areas. Marketing gets the leads, Sales closes it. Leads are your potential customers. You try to lure the leads to come and perform an action that transforms into revenue at some stage. But for some businesses, the leads should perform a repetitive action at timely intervals to find a sustainable place in the market. That’s why lead nurturing is an important stage in business growth.

Simply put, once a customer buys your products, you need to maintain the relationship with the customer for the customer to repeat the purchase again and again. For example, take a denim brand, you love it but you see them reminding you again and again about how good they are, what they stand for, why you need to buy their denims and so on. Otherwise, there are enough brands competing in the market to gain your attention.

In another scenario, you are a premium watch brand. Watch lovers know about your brand. If you do not nurture your lead, the next time they decide to buy a watch, they will not have any attachment with your brand and will end up purchasing another brand’s offering from the same category.

You may have some high-quality leads, acquired through online or offline lead generation campaigns. Nurture them with the right communication to turn them into converted leads. Radical Knights can help you with the best lead nurturing strategies and plans to boost your sales efforts.

Lead Nurturing Process – How it works?

Leverage Organic Marketing

Your business should be getting 50-60% Sales / Revenue from Organic SEO. Our SEO (Organic Marketing) efforts will improve your ROI by 75-100%

Relevant communication

People get annoyed when they come across irrelevant ads. Our Lead Nurturing Consultants, study the behaviour of your prospective customers. Based on the likes and dislikes of the prospects, we create a lead nurturing communication plan to send just the right amount of communication materials at the right time. We pay special attention to the content quality and relevance.

Quantify data into measurable ROI

Through the lead scoring process, each action of a user is assigned a numerical value. For example, actions such as download the case study, sign-up for the webinar etc. can be given a specific score. Once the score reaches a benchmark number, the sales team can go ahead and pitch the client to convert the lead or take other necessary action.

Multi-channel strategies

Bombarding your prospects with too much information across platforms may not be a good idea. Based on the online spaces frequented by your prospects, we choose the right channels and incorporate multi-channel strategies in our lead nurturing efforts.

Time required to Nurture leads as per customer lifecycle

Based on the nature of your products or services, you may want to convert a lead to a one-time customer or a repeat customer. Our Lead Nurturing Consultation Company draws timelines as per the business goals of our clients.

Benefits of Lead Nurturing

  • Marketing Automation

When you have the best of the technologies available today to perform tasks and streamline your marketing efforts, why not utilize them. Our team at Radical Knights will guide you with the automation process.

  • Manage Prospects

With digitization, managing the huge database of your prospects becomes easier. You have all the information about your prospects at your fingertips.

  • Save time and effort

Earlier, each and every step of lead nurturing consumed a lot of time, money and resources. We maximize your ROI by using cost-efficient ways to manage the leads online.

  • Better Customer Service

Through our lead nurturing services, through research and campaigns we acquire a tremendous amount of consumer data relevant to your business. You can use this information to understand your target audience and improvise your customer services.

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