Practical & Smarter Data Analysis

Data is everywhere. Utilise it with Practical & Smarter Data Analysis.

Data Analysis

You may have heard about the surge in digital data. Today, with connected devices managed by high-end technology platforms, the amount of digital data available for use is mind-boggling. Digital Marketing is booming because data analysis makes it easier for marketers to connect with the right target audience easily.
Radical Knights can assure better ROI and work on a pay for performance model because our experts know how to work with data using practical and smarter data analysis.

How we unlock the power of Web Analytics / Google Analytics?

Smart Analysis

Smart Digital Marketing takes place when we perform post click analysis with the help of data points available on the powerful Analytics platform.

Basics are invaluable

More than 70% clients and Digital Marketing agencies fail to utilise the insights given by basic statistics. We utilise the inference drawn from basic web analytics to improve your campaign performance.


Our experts are keen observers who can see the bigger picture. They perform smart data analysis and give actionable insights. These insights add value to your online marketing campaigns and help us to suggest optimisation for increasing your ROI.

What’s more that you receive from Radical Knights?


  • Data Reports

We look into more than 25 basic Google Analytics reports to efficiently manage campaigns. These reports include Multi-channel Report, Website Engagement Report, Top Entry & Exit Pages, and so on. Our team gives an easy-to-understand comprehensive report to our clients after completion of the campaigns with insights.


  • Analytics Training

Analytics can sound scary with so many data points. To make it easier for clients, we offer a 3-hour Free Workshop for Advertisers on Analytics. In this workshop, we present case studies and show how to utilise web analytics (Google Analytics) tools smartly to improve campaign performance.


  • Pay as per our performance

Due to our strong hold on basic and advanced data analytics, we are able to offer our clients the unique pay as per performance business model for our services.

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