Digital Training

Digital Training

Businesses fall prey to greedy SEO companies due to lack of knowledge about the SEO industry and its commonly used terms. We would like to increase our earnings too. But instead of using gimmicks to fool clients, we believe in mutual growth. Therefore, we educate our clients with a well-planned training program.

Also, there are several companies who use unethical techniques to persuade clients on investing in online marketing practices that offer short-lived success. Through our training programs, we can justify the time taken by us to work on campaigns that deliver long-term results using white-hat techniques.

The Radical Knights Client Education Program will help the client team to understand the basics of SEO and the various terms used to understand the SEO campaigns. This way, we are able to maintain a transparent relationship with our clients through couple of hours of relevant training.

What do we cover in our training program?

  • How to identify realistic opportunities across digital platforms?
  • Cost Estimation for spending on digital platforms?
  • Data, Analytics and Strategy Formulation for Digital Marketing
  • Different kinds of performance reports and data points that matter


Benefits of Radical Knights Client Education Program

  • Improve your professional value by min 40-50%
  • Get involved to save 30-40 % of Digital Advertising Budget
  • Improve overall ROI as a valuable team member


Why are we training clients?

  • To maintain complete transparency in communication
  • To make it easier for clients to understand our work and evaluate our performance
  • For client teams to support us in saving 30-40% from the allocated budget

To learn more about Radical Knights Client Education Program or to explore our digital marketing services, contact our Digital Marketing Consultants by calling +91-9833157725 or sending an email to

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