PPC/Paid Search.

We reduce CPL/CPA by min 30% with smart and disciplined optimizations.

PPC/Paid Search.

According to Google, a dollar spend on AdWords by a business gives a return of $2 to the spender. As a leading PPC services company, we know exactly how to use paid ads to give you a minimum of 30% reduction in Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Explore our basket of PPC services to learn more about our capabilities to save money for your business.

Our clients find us to be the best at PPC / Paid Search in India to rely on for boosting business sales revenue through Search Engine Optimization.

Paid Search/SEM/PPC Campaigns Management

We run and manage PPC campaigns using our tactics strategically. Our meticulous planning is based on the target audience research and the valuable data that we have access to. We focus on minimizing the PPC expenditure of our clients. That’s why our clients find us to be the best PPC Services Company in India that delivers value for money..

Paid Search/SEM/PPC Consultancy

Paid Search is all about targeting the right audience. We at Pi3C offer consultation for supporting you from planning and budgeting to execution and audit. Because we are experts in paid search, you need not look elsewhere for understanding any aspect related to PPC. Just connect with our team and benefit from our assured performance promise for your B2B/B2C offerings.

Display Marketing

Reach millions of online users with rich display ads. Run brand awareness campaigns or increase your sales leads with our brilliant ideas for utilizing display ads such as banners, radio ads, video ads and more. Our Display Marketing company will guide you in choosing the right ad formats, monitoring your campaigns and optimizing the performance of the display ads.


Remind your online target audience about your brand through clever remarketing campaigns. We help your selectively invest in those platforms where your brand can benefit from successful remarketing. We integrate the remarketing strategies carefully in your digital marketing plan to grab every cost-effective opportunity to bring back your target customers to engage with your brand.

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