Display Marketing

Data defines your user. Reach users through our data-driven Display Marketing campaigns.

Display Marketing

Today, Display Marketing is widely used across the world to target local or global target audience using the enormous user data that is available at the marketer’s disposal. Marketing these days, is focused on reaching the target users with precise targeting methodologies.

The technological advancements has led to the building of high-end analytical tools, data management platforms and advertising platforms to achieve value-for-money results. With the growth in the number of ad networks and other important developments in online advertising, programmatic ads are being explored by advertisers too.

Display Marketing is cost-effective because you can precisely place your ads online and get real-time results.  Use interesting banner ads, video ads, image ads and more to gain more clicks on ads. Display ads utilize quality scores and auction-based payment systems to buy online ad spaces across display networks.

Google Adwords and Facebook Display Ads are two popular Display Advertising platforms. Clients of our Display Marketing Company enjoy high ROI with our efforts. We invest their marketing budget using specific targeting techniques and bidding strategies to yield maximum value.

Key Benefits of Display Marketing for your business

Contextual Targeting

Online users are targeted based on specific targeting parameters and data filters as per their online identities and recent search behaviour.

Brand Awareness

Display ads are a great way to promote your brand and increase brand awareness.


One of the notable benefits of display ads is the ability to show your ads to past leads who can be converted into a sale through remarketing.

Rich Advertisements

Display ads can be created in various formats including text, image, video and audio-visual formats.

Data Generation

Every campaign leads to accumulation of enormous amount of user data which is useful for creating better marketing strategies in the future. The data also tells you a lot about your user behavior.


Display ads not only help you increase online sales revenue but also can be used to increase your sales at offline stores.

Great Savings

You do not have to spend on one website for ad space. Through a bidding process, you can show your ads on multiple websites part of the Display Network at lower costs.

How will Radical Knights help you?

Competition Analysis

Our SEO experts use the latest analytics platforms to study and understand the strategies followed by your competitors.

Campaigns Management

From campaign planning and creation to smart bidding and execution, our Display Marketing experts take care of your campaigns.

Strategy Formulation

Our Display Marketing team creates strategies based on client’s user data and the competitive analysis reports.

Paid Social Advertising

To get more out of their marketing spends, we assist our clients with paid social advertising campaigns.

Performance Reports

When it comes to discussing results, our team presents a detailed performance reports about campaigns and how the client’s ROI has improved.

Certified Experts

Our Display Marketing experts are experienced as well as qualified with the necessary industry certifications.

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