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Paid Search is all about targeting the right audience. We at Pi3C offer consultation for supporting you from planning and budgeting to execution and audit. Because we are experts in paid search, you need not look elsewhere for understanding any aspect related to PPC. Just connect with our team and benefit from our assured performance promise for your B2B/B2C offerings.

As a business, it is pretty natural that you will be thinking of cutting costs by running PPC campaigns in-house. But is it really adding to your savings? Think about it. You will spending on hiring an expensive resource or try to learn the skills yourself. You may even spend on training the existing talent in your company or on training yourself. Did you know, you can save a considerable amount by hiring an able PPC Consultancy service company of our calibre?

Here are 4 key benefits of choosing us as your PPC Consultancy Company:

Reduce your PPC spend by 30%

Our team spends your money on targeted ads backed by extensive research. That’s why we can assure you of reducing your marketing costs by minimum 30% with better PPC campaigns.

Pay when you save

Our promise is that you pay us the savings we bring you. That means, you benefit from well-performing PPC campaigns without allocating a budget to pay us.

Unparalleled expertise

Our expertise comes from our collective experience of 30+ years. Your business will immensely benefit from our expert recommendations.

Learn / grow with us

We believe in educating our clients about our activities. Therefore, we provide training to our clients so that they can better understand the effectiveness of PPC campaigns for their business. You also gain from learning about PPC from experts.

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