Earn 200% revenue with our cost-effective SEO Services.


You need measurable results to grow your business. What if we say our SEO services can boost your revenue by 200%? Yes, it’s possible with our SEO Company’s client-specific strategies for Search Engine Optimization.

Our expertise in running detailed SEO audits of websites makes us one of the best SEO Companies in India. With a collective experience of 30+ years, our SEO Services team has implemented proven on-page and off-page SEO techniques for generating 200% revenue for our clients.

With Technical SEO we help you optimize your website’s structure in order to make it easier for search engines to find it. With the double benefit of ‘less marketing expenditure’ and ‘more earnings through revenue’, you can trust our SEO Company for spearheading your business success.

Diverse Clients. Business-specific SEO Solutions.

Our Services

Conversion Ratio Optimization

What is the point of a SEO campaign that doesn’t convert to sales for a sales-oriented business? It doesn’t matter whether you have a brick and mortar set-up or an online business. Through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), we devise excellent strategies to tap all the possibilities for converting every online lead into a converted sale for your business.

SEO Consultancy

Would you like to multiply your sales with excellent search engine rankings of your online assets? We can educate you and lend you a hand in utilizing search engines to drive your business. Our world class SEO consultancy services come with performance-driven strategies. What’s more, you pay only when we deliver our promise of assured performance.

Our Clients

What our clients think about us?

‘Radical Knights Pvt. Ltd (PI3C) is performance & ROI focused. They have helped our business by reducing cost per conversion by more than 30% within 2 months of getting onboarded. They were very quick in understanding our business model and through relentless effort were able to achieve the desired target. They are one of our most valued partners.

Priyadarshan Gupta

We are seeing the improvement in our keyword ranking, organic traffic volume and CPL post ‘Radical Knights Pvt. Ltd (PI3C) started working on SEO & PPC Campaigns. They understood our business requirements & implemented strategy accordingly.

Rishi Khaitan

Co-Founder [BuildMyEvent]

‘Radical Knights Pvt. Ltd (PI3C) approach is very professional. They understood our business requirements. our website was not ranking on Google for many competitive keywords but within 3 weeks of new website launch, Our website started ranking on first page of Google.

Zahid Khan

Owner []

While doing MBA @ FABS College, I approached ‘Radical Knights Pvt. Ltd (PI3C) for internship to learn Digital Marketing.I got freedom to try things & I did learn many smart Digital Marketing techniques @ ‘Radical Knights Pvt. Ltd (PI3C). I got the best salary package in my batch 🙂

Kunal Vaishnav

Asst Manager – Search Marketing

‘Radical Knights Pvt. Ltd (PI3C) is associate with ITM from last 4 years and they are performing consistently. They understand our business requirements & challenges and they implement strategies accordingly to deliver results utilizing their versatile experience in the field of Digital Marketing.

Reema Jain

AGM – Digital Marketing [ITM GROUP]
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