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Revive your website in search. Fix it up with Penalty Recovery Services.

Ecommerce SEO

As per statistics, Google Search processes more than 40000 search queries in a second. You can easily gauge the popularity of this search engine giant among online users. That’s the prime reason why most online marketers emphasise on optimising the website for Google Search.
But Google is way smarter when it comes to website rankings. Earlier, some companies or their agencies followed unethical practices to improve search engine rankings. As part of those practices, data irrespective of quality was stuffed on websites with keywords and the website links were placed on other websites irrelevant to the company.
The researchers at Google have launched new algorithms with every search engine update to monitor and penalise those unethical practices. Your website gets hit by a Panda or Penguin penalty if your website doesn’t follow the quality guidelines.
Radical Knights is a Penalty Recovery Services agency with a good reputation of using only the ethical methods to improve your websites. With the right set of strategies, we make the necessary changes to improve the SEO-friendliness of your website.
We do not believe in claiming quick results. Instead, based on the current status of your website, we lay out an effective plan that not only meets your current goals but also gives you long-term benefits.

Befriend search engines with our Penalty Recovery Services.

Panda Recovery

Google can lower your rankings due to low content quality. Our Panda Recovery services will work towards improving your rankings with consistency in good quality content across your website.

Penguin Recovery

After the penguin update, Google’s search engine bots became smarter. They can easily recognise any inappropriate backlinks or use of incorrect SEO practices performed in the past for your website. Our Penguin Penalty Recovery experts will resolve such issues to recover your website and improve its overall rankings in the search engine.

Increase ROI

Your business provides mobile-based services partly or completely through apps or mobile-friendly websites. Mobile-friendly SEO is what you need to boost your ROI.

What will we do?

  • Run site audits
  • Build high-quality links representing authority by using quality content
  • Manage or remove bad links that affect your website rankings
  • Build citations and links in industry-relevant online spaces such as online business listings
  • Cut down your marketing costs by 30% with bespoke marketing strategies

Don’t worry about your Google Penalty. Our Penalty Recovery experts can help you. Contact our Penalty Recovery services team. 

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