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Search issues affect rankings. Identify them with SEO Audit.

 SEO Audit

You get a diagnosis done before curing an illness. Similarly, before suggesting any SEO solution, our SEO Audit Company performs a SEO Audit of your entire website. As part of our SEO Audit services we use high-end SEO Analysis tools to identify all the SEO-related issues for your website.
As an expert SEO Audit company, we offer custom audit services for specific issues as well as audit for tackling common SEO concerns. You may also need an SEO Audit for recovering from a penalty or to reaffirm the SEO issues identified by your internal team.
Every business is unique. We understand your business and study all your online marketing assets closely. Our work is not limited to giving you a report loaded with technical areas needing attention. We will help you resolve all the technical issues too.
Search rankings take time to improve. As part of our resolution for SEO issues, we do not misguide you to buy unnecessary links and add more keywords to your website. Instead we plan carefully, implement changes strategically and yield impressive results gradually.
Only if you run a deep diagnosis, can you find a cure for the underperformance of your online assets. Know more about the SEO status of your online assets. Let us run an SEO Audit for evaluating your online presence. Using our comprehensive SEO audit reports, we can optimize your online assets for better search engine visibility and conversion.

We find hurdles. We suggest the SEO Remedies to tackle them.

In-depth Analysis

SEO Audit is essential to learn more about the hurdles that are causing your business to rank lower in search engines. Our SEO Audit includes several analysis stages such as Competitive Analysis, Page Level Analysis, Full Link Profile Analysis, Content Quality Analysis, Technical Analysis and User Experience Analysis.

Valuable Insights

Our SEO Company creates reports based on the comprehensive analysis conducted as part of SEO Audit. The results of the SEO Audit varies for every client. We identify the specific areas that need attention and suggest a customised SEO plan accordingly.

Actionable Recommendations

Each problem component discovered in the SEO Audit will be taken into consideration. The suggested solution to improve organic performance that needs to be implemented, along with the estimated implementation time will be shared with the client.

How you benefit?

  • Identify

We help you identify issues in your website that are not in alignment with Google’s SEO best practices and need to be rectified.


  • Bring more traffic

We find out all the on-page and off-page issues that are affecting your website’s traffic. Fixing these issues can lead to more website traffic and more business opportunities.


  • Better ROI

When you solve SEO issues found in our audit, you can run better SEO marketing campaigns and maximise your ROI.


What will Radical Knights give you?

  • Technical and Search Audit to find a mismatch with Google’s guidelines
  • In depth analysis of your SEO efforts with a customised approach as per your needs
  • A comprehensive SEO Audit Report
  • Recommendations based on SEO Audit Analysis

Improve your ROI with better organic performance. Utilise our trusted SEO Company’s well-structured SEO Audit approach.

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