Underlying Concepts of SEO for Beginners



The use of SEO has been quite common among businesses these days. Since the internet forms an integral part of the marketing process these days, businesses are greatly dependent on SEO companies for handling their campaigns. In order to ensure the best results from your SEO campaign, you need to have a good knowledge about the basics of SEO. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Brush up your knowledge about link building

Your primary aim should be to acquire important, authoritative backlinks to your site. By acquiring backlinks from high ranking websites, you can enhance the chances of your site acquiring a high SERP ranking. Therefore, you first need to understand the significance of backlinks in an SEO campaign once you start learning SEO for beginners.

Know more about conversion optimization

A lazy SEO professional can drive a desired amount of traffic to a website. However, there are high doubts whether this traffic will help you to generate conversions or not. If you have gone through an SEO guide, you are likely to know the fact that a website’s main goal is either to have a contact form filled, make visitors go through a content or convince them to buy something.

You can regard your website as a billboard located on the roadside. People are likely to drive past it throughout the day. But if they don’t recall your information, the billboard will be of no use. Therefore, one of the basics of SEO which you should know is the fact that having high traffic alone is not enough. You should be able to convert those visits also.

Find out about Schema markup

This is one of the major challenges of SEO. As a website owner, you are likely to come across this issue at one point or the other. Schema markup is a type of website coding in which search engines gain a better understanding of its content. It is a type of microdata which makes it simpler for search engines to analyze and interpret the information of your web pages with greater efficiency. They can therefore, offer relevant results to users based on the search queries.

When you learn SEO, you will come to know the fact that as in the case of other markup formats, schema microdata is used in a page’s content to explain what it is and how it is treated. Its elements and attributes can be added directly to a web page’s HTML code to offer additional information to crawlers of search engines.

Know how to find the correct keywords

Though research can be time taking, it is essential to track down the right keywords. Your main goal should be to find keywords which have a high search volume, low competition and are included in your content. There are numerous tools such as Google’s search based keyword tool which you can use to find out the relevant keywords. It offers results based on the genuine searches of Google. So, if you are logged into an AdWords account, it will offer you with a list of keyword based ideas which are customized to the site of that account.