What Principles Define SEO Basics and Better Ranking?

SEO Basics

Image Source: business2community.com

If you are a website owner, then you are likely to be concerned about the quality of user experience you are offering to your visitors. This is a major area which you need to pay attention to since it is a vital part of organic search rankings. The quality of user experience which you offer also has an influence on increasing conversion rate optimization.

You might think about what your site offers useful information and deserves a better SERP ranking. But search engines may think otherwise. User optimization stands for creating an unforgettable user experience so they that go through your content and buy what you are offering. Here are some SEO tips using which you can enhance your ranking and user experience:-

Optimize your site to ensure quicker loading

How do you feel when you come across a web page which moves at a snail’s pace? Even if such a page offers the exact information which you want, it of no good use. You are likely to leave the page with a bad impression. Nobody wants to wait for minutes waiting for a web page to load. No one loves a site which is slow to load. If that is the case with your site, then visitors are likely to visit a competitor’s site. People want sites to load within one or two seconds.
Site loading time refers to the first impression which you create in front of prospective customers. They are not likely to have gone through your content or visit the About Us page of your website. They don’t have an idea of the valuable your insights really are. But site speed is an aspect which can really make or break their impression of your site. Sites with a loading speed of 1-2 seconds usually convert better than the ones who take 4-5 seconds for loading. Even if you are yet to learn SEO you will need to keep this factor in mind.

Evaluate the alternatives which you have

The presence of numerous web pages and results on the internet often makes people assess the alternatives before taking decisions. Which web page offers a better value for their time-is it yours or that of your competitors? Therefore, you will need to make sure that your site loads really fast. This will convince your prospective customers to regard your site as a reliable alternative. It will also help you acquire a better search engine ranking.

Create highly optimized landing pages

A well-designed landing page can to a great extent enhance your lead generation and sales. The greater the landing pages which you create, the greater will be the number of gateways you will have for search traffic. You can take the help of a digital marketing firm will help you create high-quality landing pages on topics which are really popular. They will put in extra effort with professional graphics and layout. Then, they will help you acquire traffic, links and authority to your page, through the use of content marketing and press releases.